Images not showing up

You might run into issues where your images are not showing up in certain mail clients, even in online webmail such as Roundcube.

Your recipients even click on the “Show Images” button but the images do not display. This can happen to certain users. Here are some conditions:

  1. The host website has a restricted CORS Policy and the email contains images that are hosted on the same hosting and website where the Newsletter plugin is located. Not using any external images.
  2. The viewer sees the email on a browser-based mail client such as Roundcube and is under condition 1.
  3. Strict firewall rules by your Internet Service Provider, computer, network, employer, office, and so on. Contact your IT team to verify.
  4. Some mail clients like some versions of Microsoft Outlook don’t display background images but instead background colors.

Please make sure to contact your hosting company or request that your recipient contacts his hosting company with the above information.

Please make sure the website that hosts the images of your newsletter has proper CORS policy that allows accessing remote origins. More information:

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