Newsletters: Export Subscribers

At some stage during your usage of the WordPress Newsletter plugin, you might need to export your current subscribers of either all lists or a specific mailing list for backup purposes or for alternate use.

Our newsletter plugin allows you to export subscribers to a CSV spreadsheet which you can immediately download and an additional (optional) feature which allows you to email the CSV document to a specific email address as an attachment.


In order to export your subscribers, navigate to the Newsletters > Subscribers > Import/Export section of your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Export tab to open the export settings.

1. Mailing List

You need to select the specific mailing list of which you’d like to export the subscribers from. There is also an option entitled “All Mailing Lists” which will export all the subscribers from all the available mailing lists.

2. Export Status

This is only visible depending on your selection for the mailing list. Check one of the boxes depending on which subscribers you wish to export.

3. Export Purpose

This has 2 options. One is the option for the “Newsletter Plugin” the other is for “3rd Party Software”. For “Newsletter Plugin” it will export certain things like custom fields with checkboxes/radio buttons with the appropriate serialized arrays to import easily into this Newsletter plugin again. For “3rd party software” everything is exported as strings. Arrays like checkbox custom fields are exported as comma separated values for example.

4. Delimiter

The delimiter is the character that will be used to separate the fields in your CSV file. The default is comma (,)

5. Show Progress

Setting this to “Yes” will display a visual Ajax progress bar while exporting subscribers. This can be seen below, once the export is complete the CVS file will be available for you to download.. Setting this to “No” will not use Ajax, but instead process all the records at once, this may cause your web page to be unresponsive for a while it processes the request, once the screen refreshes the CSV will be available for download.

6. Export Subscribers Button

Once you are satisfied with all of the above click this button to export your selected subscribers.

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