Newsletters 4.9.6 Release Notes

Release notes for version 4.9.6 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.


  • wpml_subscriber_add_new filter added to the subscribe function.
  • Convert relative to absolute URLs automatically in emails. This addition is also for the “Send as Newsletter” when editing a Post.
  • When creating a newsletter and choosing user role subscribers, and then clicking on the “x emails total” modal, user selection by role now shows users as it previously did not, in a separate category.
  • User roles now receive emails when selected alone, without mailing lists, as they previously did not as you had to select a mailing list. This addition is also for the “Send as Newsletter” when editing a Post.
  • Documentation link in Newsletters > Subscribe Forms > Edit > Embed/Codes.


  • Update the list of new TLDs in verify email class.
  • Text updates.
  • Add critical security concerns and help to the Enable Email Archive section under configuration.


  • phpinfo call causes error on disabled phpinfo servers.
  • SESSION_DESTROY function caused warning message on Ajax calls.
  • Newsletters weren’t being sent to user roles.
  • Author dropdown outside of the box in newsletter editor.
  • Delete and Send actions throw errors after clicking on their buttons in queue batch.
  • Email Archiving query fix adding interval correctly.
  • Arbitrary File Upload issue on tracking logo/image upload.
  • Spam subscribers with no mailing list were not getting deleted.
  • Vulnerability: Disabling direct access to plugin log file using htaccess rules added on plugin activation.
  • Subscribe Forms admin page > Show All error on PHP 8.x if there were no forms available.

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