Newsletters 4.1 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.1 release notes


  • Added WordPress 3.8 compatibility and design.
  • “Preview” button when viewing history email for quick preview.
  • Equals/contains/smaller/larger query for fields conditions.
  • Send to WordPress users by roles.
  • Custom fields validation rules and regular expressions.
  • Autoresponders “Always Send?” setting to send even if it has.
  • Multiple content areas for newsletter content and the theme.
  • Queue section row actions to send and delete emails.
  • Debugging setting under Configuration to turn On/Off.
  • Manage Subscription authenticated for logged in users.
  • DAP Integration (extension).
  • Manage the posts logged by Latest Posts Subscription.
  • HTML/TEXT format selection in subscriber management section.


  • Tabs in “Subscribers” box under Newsletters > Create Newsletter.
  • Manage Subscription page auto creation improvements to prevent duplicates.
  • Use EasyCron as the recommended 3rd party cron job service.
  • ‘delete_post’ action hook to remove post associations.
  • Live updating of preview as you type when creating a newsletter.
  • Multiple, comma (,) separated emails for send preview email.
  • New POP/IMAP class for bounce handling. Faster and more reliable.
  • Create Newsletter tabindex fix from subject to content.
  • Replace wpdb escape() with esc_sql() throughout the plugin.
  • Deprecated warnings/notices removed completely for good.
  • Dynamic plugin folder name, doesn’t have to be “wp-mailinglist” anymore.
  • Setting to enable/disable the preview feature on Create Newsletter screen.
  • Subscriber management section validation improvements.


  • Captcha not usable when Really Simple Captcha plugin is not installed.
  • Countdown script can’t find variable ‘performance’ Javascript error.
  • Help icons text-indent was causing a horizontal scroll in some browsers.
  • shortlinks issue when using the built-in link/click tracking feature.
  • “Apply to Existing Subscribers?” autoresponder emails weren’t sending out.
  • [wpmlmailinglist] shortcode didn’t show in post/page title when sent as newsletter.
  • Recurring newsletters not saving when sending/queuing immediately without draft first.
  • Javascript support for French strings with single quotes in them.
  • Email align and hspace settings not working since WordPress 3.6
  • Offsite iFrame “Please select a list” error message.
  • Registered not updated to Yes when creating a user from subscriber.
  • Incorrect lists under Emails Sent when viewing history email.
  • POP3 variables by reference.
  • Admin notifications subject shortcodes incorrect values.
  • Groups not available and other group related issues.
  • DKIM wizard selector empty on first run.
  • “Close Window” button was showing for offsite iFrame code.
  • Really Simple Captcha plugin issues and bugs.

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