Newsletter: Migration from one website or server to another

At some stage during development or production, you may need to move the Newsletter Plugin from one website or server to another.

These are some quick instructions on how to export and import all the settings of our Newsletter plugin. What ever the reason may be, many people will get to the point where they need to move their plugin.

Follow the steps below to make sure that you do the transfer successfully, else you may lose some data or some issues may arise.

Important: This comes with no guarantee and Tribulant Software is not responsible for data loss/missing data when migrating. Make sure that you do this before shutting down your other website or hosting to have ample time for testing. Hire a developer, if you need help.


Step 1: Transfer Database to New Website or Server

First, install the plugin into your new site but do NOT activate it. See the installation instructions for guidance.

Then, the tables in the database starting with wp_wpml… (assuming the WordPress database prefix is “wp_”) should be exported and imported into the new database.

All database data which is setup and all Configuration settings will now be in the new database.

You may go ahead and now activate the Checkout plugin from the “Plugins” page in WordPress.


Step 2: Transfer Files to New Website or Server

All files of the Newsletter plugin from uploads, exports, imports, and others are located in the wp-content/uploads/wp-mailinglist/ directory of your WordPress installation.

All the files and sub-folders with their files should be copied over to the new website/server at the new location. Simply select all the files, folders and sub-folders, copy them, then find the related place on the new website/server and paste there.

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