Newsletters: Languages & Translation

You can easily translate the entire WordPress Newsletter plugin with all its words and phrases into your own preferred language.


Current Translations

See all the current languages and translations in POEditor.

Anyone can join the project to add new languages and contribute translations for strings. We greatly appreciate all contributions since it is useful for the entire community. Thank you very much!


Installing Language Files

It is quick and easy to install language files for the plugin, just follow these steps:

1. Download Language File

Go to POEditor and join the project with your preferred language(s) or add your language if it doesn’t already exist.


Enter the translation for the specific language by clicking it’s language flag on your Projects screen. Once you’re in, click the Export link/icon in the top, right-hand corner which will open a dialog. In the dialog, choose Gettext MO, type in your filename starting with wp-mailinglist- and then the locale eg. nl_NL. Finally click the Export button to download the file.

2. Upload Language File

There are 3 possible places you can put the language file:

  1. Inside the plugin’s wp-mailinglist/languages/ folder
  2. Inside wp-content/plugins/wp-mailinglist-languages/ folder
  3. Inside wp-content/languages/plugins/, the WordPress languages folder.

The best options are #2 or #3 but ultimately #3 is recommended to follow WordPress standards. Once you’ve decided which option you want to use, go to Newsletters > Configuration > System > WordPress Related to select the relevant option out of the 3. There is also a Current Language feature which will show you if the plugin has detected or found the language file.

Best is to host the language file outside of the plugin’s folder since WordPress completely deletes any plugin upon automatic update and then installs the new version. Which means that any language files inside the /languages/ folder (option #1 above) will be deleted automatically by WordPress as well. So #1 is not recommended above.

If you experience any problems, please contact us.


Translate on Your Own

If you want to create your own language file, you can use an application such as POEdit.

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