WP Newsletter Plugin v3.7 Release Notes


WordPress Mailing List Plugin v3.7 Release Notes

  • WordPress 2.8 Integration.
  • Update Notification in “Plugins” section.
  • Pass $post_id to render_email in Queue > Bulk Actions: Send.
  • [wpmlonline] Authentication Bug Fix.
  • Template rendering bug fix when saving to the queue.
  • Changed “Send Newsletter” to “Queue Newsletter” in “Send Newsletter” section when scheduling is turned on.
  • Changed plugin name from “Mailing List” to “Newsletters”.
  • Administration menu icon change.
  • Administration menu caption changes.
  • Show [wpmlonline] in the “Variables & Custom Fields” box in the “Send Newsletter” section.
  • Fixed FORM enctype=”multipart/form-data” bug in the “Send Newsletter” section.

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