Newsletters 4.2 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.2 release notes.


  • Welcome/About page after activating/updating
  • Resubscribe feature to let users resubscribe when they unsubscribe
  • WooCommerce Subscribers (extension)
  • Visual Editor for creating a Newsletter Theme
  • Sorry to see you go email- when unsubscribe
  • Spam score testing utility
  • Manual, non-ajax serial key submission
  • Paid subscriptions immediate payment
  • Google Analytics source/campaigns integration (extension)
  • Hook to make js/css only load on certain pages
  • Check on import: bounce and unsubscribed users- remain unsubscribed.
  • Edit themes directly while creating a newsletter
  • “Scroll to form setting for sidebar widgets” to turn on/off.
  • TinyMCE valid and extended valid elements to prevent stripping of HTML


  • Auto import users – prevent unsubscribes/bounces from importing again
  • Remove from bounce/unsubscribe logs when someone resubscribes
  • Word and character count while creating a newsletter
  • Auto save information while creating a newsletter
  • WordPress Object Cache API integration for performance
  • More MySQL query caching for performance
  • Gmail/Google Apps for email bounce management
  • More dashicons in several places
  • MySQL repetitive queries and optimisation
  • Organize attachments into default WordPress date folders
  • HTML support in jQuery UI tooltip
  • Turn off autocomplete for some configuration settings
  • Paid subscription orders when viewing a subscriber
  • Gravatar image when viewing a subscriber
  • PHP Notice registration.php is deprecated
  • Change Open Flash Chart function names to something unique
  • Make list selection not required when saving draft
  • Remove DONOT… caching constants
  • New TinyMCE editor icon/button
  • Don’t apply shortlinks and click tracking to TEXT version links
  • New help tooltip icon


  • TinyMCE button/icon is blank
  • Insert into editor (TinyMCE) functions not working since WP 3.9
  • Incorrect mailing lists in unsubscribe link
  • admin.php missing, use admin_url() function
  • Delete WordPress user causes fatal error
  • Future scheduled newsletters with fields conditions not queuing/sending
  • Delete subscriber on unsubscribe not working from Manage Subscriptions
  • ‘eftype’ parameter in post(s) shortcodes is ineffective
  • Insert into Newsletter doesn’t work with editor in TEXT/HTML mode
  • “Authentication failed…” error when viewing newsletter online
  • Attachments not working when resending a newsletter with files on it
  • Help tooltip of Recent Emails incorrect
  • s2Member conflict with wp_new_user_notification function
  • Admin bounce notification has incorrect email in it
  • wpmlpost_thumbnail and wpmlpost_permalink not showing when used in theme itself
  • Menu conflict. Change add_object_page to add_menu_page
  • ABSPATH length breaks some URLs
  • Saving draft loses queue/scheduling settings
  • TEXT version of emails broken (mention Robert Gilman)

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