Newsletters: Unsubscribe Behaviour

Newsletters > Configuration > Subscribers > Unsubscribe behaviour


1. Unsubscribe on user deletion

Set the setting to yes if the subscriber must be unsubscribed when the user with the email address is deleted.

2. Resubscribe Link

Select this checkbox if you want to show a resubscribe link on unsubscribe

3. Resubscribe Link Text

This text displays the link text of the resubscribe link generate by shortcode [newsletters_resubscribe]

4. Unsubscription Link Text

This text displays the link text of the unsubscribe link generate by shortcode [wpmlunsubscribe]


5. Unsubscribe All Link Text

This text displays the link text of the unsubscribe link generate by shortcode [wpmlunsubscribeall] in content or theme of the newsletter.

6. User notification email

Turning this on will send a notification email to the user if they unsubscribed. You can modify this email under Configuration> Email templates

7. Unsubscribe confirmation screen

Turning this on will allow the subscriber to confirm their unsubscribe. Turn this Off to unsubscribe immediately.

8. Delete subscriber on unsubscribed

Turning this on will delete the subscriber record on unsubscribed if no subscriptions remain on the record.

9. Admin notification on unsubscription

This is set to “Yes” by default. The plugin sends a notification to the admin email address when a user unsubscribe to a newsletter. Turn this off if you don’t want to receive these notifications.

10. Unsubscribe comments box

Do you want the subscriber to leave you a message on unsubscribe, then turn this on. This message will be send through to you in the unsubscribe notification.

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