Newsletter 4.3.8 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.3.8 release notes.


  • New meta box under Configuration > System for permissions
  • Setting to include theme when publishing post from newsletter
  • Roles permissions on certain blocks eg. “Send to roles” checkboxes list
  • Subscribe to all lists by default without showing checkboxes
  • Setting to choose in which order queued emails go out
  • Permalink/shortlink to online version of newsletter
  • Upload/specify image/logo for the tracking image


  • Links to remove send/system default from newsletter themes
  • WPML (multilingual) dashboard language switcher odd behaviour
  • Remove tracking image ALT attribute


  • Dashboard widget latest subjects not showing due to CSS
  • Inserting multiple posts ‘post_type’ parameter/attribute empty
  • Role permissions reset back to just ‘administrator’
  • Can’t pick a group in mailing lists set group bulk action
  • Can’t send a Newsletter only to WP User
  • Multilingual posts shortcode links go to home page
  • Bounce count not updating correctly bug

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