Newsletter 4.4.1 Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.4.1 release notes.


  • Redirect URL per mailing list
  • Auto import certain WordPress user roles to certain mailing lists


  • More table indexes and index checking on “Check/optimize database tables” action
  • Apache mod_security warning under Newsletters > Themes if enabled
  • Help tooltip design improvements
  • Prevent MySQL lock wait timeout exceeded
  • Remove console.log() calls
  • New, improved object cache system
  • Improved query strings in admin URLs
  • Do not delete autoresponder when deleting history email


  • Subscribe sidebar widget ‘scroll’ setting only working on multilingual
  • Mailing Lists column empty under sent emails when viewing subscriber
  • Theme not saving, content goes blank due to mysql_real_escape_string()
  • Save a Theme “Continue Editing” not working
  • WordPress theme customize not loading on some themes
  • Extensions all show “Not installed” incorrectly
  • Some TinyMCE button functions don’t open
  • Language/translation file problems with textdomain and path
  • Publishing new post doesn’t queue email, until saved/updated again
  • Lists not showing on autoresponders with show all view
  • Newsletters lite admin bar menu shows up on multi-site

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