• PayPal Paid Subscriptions
    Paid subscriptions were already available with 2CheckOut. PayPal has now been integrated, allowing you to accept PayPal payments from subscribers.
  • Offsite Subscriptions
    A new offsite subscription form wizard has been developed together with a great interface to handle your offsite subscriptions. The wizard generates the needed HTML code which you can paste into any remote website (even non-Wordpress) so that users can subscribe to your mailing lists.
  • Unsubscribe Link Bug Fix
    Under certain circumstances, the “mailinglist_id” parameter of the unsubscribe link was not correctly passed through when sending out a newsletter using the email queue. This has been taken care of.
  • Add subscriber with existent email
    In the previous version, when you tried to create a new subscriber in the admin panel and the email address was already in use, an error message was displayed, telling you that the email address is in use. In this release, the plugin will now allow you to add the subscriber, but it will first tick off the current list subscriptions for that email address. Usable!
  • WP Registration Subscribe
    There were several issues with the auto subscription feature of new WP users. The procedure has been carefully recoded and should work flawlessly.
  • Subscribers Mass Action Fixes
    There was an issue with the subscribers activation and deactivation mass actions. This issue has been fixed and these features will work as expected.
  • Double Attachment
    Emails sent via the queue often attached an attachment twice due to the fact that the phpMailer attachment class array wasn’t cleared. This has been fixed.
  • Redirect to Referer
    Where possible, the browser will redirect to the referring page upon execution of mass actions instead of just the section parent. For example, if you were viewing a mailing list and ticked of a few subscribers and executed a mass action, the browser will go back to the mailing list view instead of going to the subscribers management section as it used to do.
  • “Move to list” subscribers mass action removed from the package
  • Escaping on several DB queries to prevent MySQL errors due to single/double quotes
  • Widget error display fixes for hardcoded widgets with Ajax turned off
  • (X)HTML validation fixes on the front end.
  • Paid subscription expiration message newline formatting fix.
  • Optional redirect upon successful subscription in “Settings” section.
  • Send on publish empty excerpt
    An issue occurred under specific circumstances, resulting in the post excerpt to be completely blank when publishing a post and sending it out as a newsletter. Excerpts will now be correctly truncated and sent out as expected.
  • Mailing list active subscriptions
    In the “Lists” section, next to the total subscriptions for each mailing list, the total number of active subscriptions is shown in brackets.
  • Active Status
    Shows the active status next to each mailing list title of each subscriber in the “Subscribers” section.
  • Predefined Custom Fields
    These include a country select drop down, a date picker (YYYY-MM-DD) and a gender select drop down menu. These will save you time, not having to fill in all those options and the date picker should come in useful.
  • Queue send action
    The ability to tick off queued emails in the “Queue” section and send them out immediately without having to wait for the next cron schedule to execute.
  • Custom Fields Checkboxes
    When saving a mailing list, a list of checkboxes will be displayed, showing all the current custom fields so that you can quickly and seamlessly assign custom fields to the specified mailing list.
  • Custom Field Implode Warning
    When saving a custom field and making use of a field type that requires multiple options such as a select drop down menu and the field options were initially empty, the plugin tried to implode() on an empty string resulting in a PHP warning message
  • in_array warning with checkboxes custom field
    With a certain level of PHP error_reporting, the plugin caused a PHP warning message on the front-end when a checkboxes custom field was rendered via Ajax.
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

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