Newsletter: Links & Clicks

Newsletters > Links & Clicks

Manage your links and clicks in a newsletter in this section of the plugin.


1. Clicks

Click this button to view clicks per link and subscriber.


1.) This show the subscriber who clicked on the link.

2.) This is the link clicked on by subscriber

3.) This is the newsletter where the link was clicked on

4.) Date when this specific link was clicked.

2. Bulk Actions

With this bulk action in the links and clicked section, you can either delete or reset a link.

3. Search Link

You will be able to search for any link in a newsletter.

4. Bulk Actions

These bulk actions allow you to select multiple History/Draft E-mail records from the table using the checkboxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records.

5. Clicks

This is the number of times the link was clicked on.

6. Date

The date the link was clicked on.

7. Open Link

By clicking on this open link, it will open this link.

8. Delete

Delete this link from your links and clicks section.

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