Newsletters Config: Default Subscription Form Settings

Newsletters > Configuration > General > Default Subscription Form Settings

These settings will globally affect post/page embedded and hardcoded subscribe forms.


1. Acknowledgement

Enter the acknowledgement of the subscribe forms in this text field.

2. Ajax Features

You can turn ajax features for the global subscribe form on/ off on this setting.

3. Button Text

Enter the text that you want to display on the submit button at the bottom of the subscribe form.

4. Scroll to subscription Form

If you need your page to focus on the subscription form, turn this setting on. It will scroll to your subscription form on a page.

5. Use Captcha for form

Use Captcha to prevent spam on your subscribe form. You can turn captcha globally on for your subscribe forms in your site. You can set Captcha settings under Newsletters>Configuration- System- Captcha Settings. Documentation on Captcha

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