Newsletters: Shortcodes & Subscribe Form

There are several embedding codes/shortcodes available with the WordPress Newsletter plugin which can be inserted into any WordPress post or page. The shortcodes will be replaced with the appropriate HTML content inside your WordPress posts/pages.

Newsletters History

Display a list inside a WordPress post or page with all your previously sent newsletters from the selected mailing list or mailing lists. These newsletters are taken from the email history. Draft emails will not be displayed in this list.

In order to do this, you will need to do the following:

1. Envelope Icon

When in the Newsletters > Create Newsletter screen, you will see the TinyMCE above the text box which you are typing your newsletter in. Make sure you are in Visual and not HTML view. On the far right of your TinyMCE you will see an envelop icon “Newsletter Functions” click this button and wait for the screen it opens.

This envelope icon is also available on the WordPress post/page editing screen so that you can insert subscribe forms, email history and even use the posts feature.

2. Configure and ‘Insert’

Once that screen has opened, you will see three tabs at the top of it, go to the ‘Email History‘ tab and configure those fields accordingly. Once you are happy with your configuration in the Email History tab, then click the ‘Insert’ button to add a shortcode to your Newsletters.

3. Shortcode is Added

The shortcode is added to the content section in the text editor. You will notice that the shortcode changes dependant on your configuration. It will be like [newsletters_history...] with all the relevant information attached to the shortcode. Try it a few times for yourself and see how it works.

[newsletters_history orderby="modified" order="DESC"]

Shortcode Parameters
$defaults = array('number' => false, 'order' => "DESC", 
'orderby' => "modified", 'list_id' => false, 'index' => true);

WordPress Post Meta

Output the meta data of a specific WordPress post. You need to specify the attribute/parameter “post_id” inside the shortcode.

[newsletters_meta post_id=7]

Newsletter Subscription Form

There are different ways of embedding/inserting the WordPress Newsletter plugin subscription/opt-in forms into your WordPress website. See the links below for instructions on each of the individual embedding methods available to put a subscription form into your WordPress site.


See a list of available shortcodes here.


Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

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