Newsletters: Conditional Tags

Default Custom Field Value

When you use a custom field [newsletters_field...] in your newsletters to personalize them, some subscribers may not have a value for that custom field. You can then display a default value instead of having a blank space. Here is an example:

Specify the [newsletters_field...] shortcode with the slug of the custom field found under Newsletters > Custom Fields and then put a pipe (|) and the default string/value to display if the custom field is empty for a subscriber.

IF Condition


Use this conditional tag in your Newsletter templates to show some content areas based on a condition.

For example, use the conditional tag to determine if a content area exists and add a sidebar to the template.

Here’s an example on how to use it in one of your Newsletter templates.


It will be further expanded to work on subscribers, custom fields, mailing lists and more as we move along. It currently works on content areas only.

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