WordPress Newsletter plugin: Offsite Form

With the WordPress Mailing List plugin, you can insert subscription forms on the pages of other websites (even if they aren’t WordPress sites) and allow users to use these subscription forms to subscribe to the mailing lists on the current WordPress blog.

Offsite Wizard

The plugin has an offsite subscription form wizard built into it. There are three ways of reaching this form in order to generate your offsite HTML code which will then be copied and pasted into any webpage of your choice.

1. List View Option

Newsletter Plugin Subscription Form Offsite Code

First off, you can use the “Offsite” link for a particular mailing list. Simply go to “Newsletters > Mailing Lists” section. When you hover over the mailing list of your choice you will be presented with a few options, among others the “Offsite” link which will take you to the wizard where the offsite subscription form code for that mailing list can be generated.

2. Mailing List View Option

Newsletter Plugin Subscription Form Offsite Code

The second way of reaching the offsite code wizard is by clicking the “Offsite Form” button at the top of the page when viewing a mailing list.

3. The Plugin Configuration Option

Newsletter Plugin Subscription Form Offsite Code

The third way of reaching the offsite wizard is by going to “Newsletters > Configuration” section of the plugin. At the top-right of the configuration section you’ll see a link with the caption “Generate Offsite Code” (this can be seen in just above the ‘Save Settings’ button). Click this link to go to the wizard and generate your offsite code.

Wizard Settings

Once you’ve reached the offsite wizard, you have to fill in a few values and select the mailing list for which you would like to generate HTML code for an offsite subscription form. You have 3 options: Popup, iFrame or simple HTML.


Select the mailing list, fill in the dimensions and fill in the text you would like to have on the subscription button. With that done, click the “Generate Offsite Code” button to generate your HTML code for the offsite subscription form.

Copy and Paste the Code

Newsletter Plugin Subscription Form Offsite Code

A textarea will appear with the HTML code. When you click anywhere inside the textarea, all the code will be automatically selected. Simply copy the content of the textarea and paste it into any web page of your choice. When you load the page where you pasted this code, the subscription form will be available for use.

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