Newsletters version 4.5

WordPress Newsletter plugin version 4.5 release notes.


  • Show newsletters details under Users section in WordPress per user
  • Show user roles when viewing sent & draft newsletters
  • New default template for system emails and “None”
  • Export failed records while sending/queuing with Ajax progress
  • Screen layout number of columns added in WordPress dashboard
  • Show if a child theme folder is present
  • Show logged in users if they are already subscribed
  • Unsubscribe comments upon unsubscribe from manage subscriptions
  • Show autoresponders linked to history/draft newsletter
  • Media files per newsletter
  • New colorbox theme/design
  • Unlink a post from a newsletter without deleting the post
  • New icons throughout the plugin
  • Choose between line/bar graphs in admin
  • Pause email queue
  • Prefill subscribe form with GET/POST variables
  • Expand CKEditor functionality
  • “Export All” button for emails of a history/draft email
  • Set theme per email template/system email in configuration
  • Duplicate newsletter theme/template
  • Send emails through the JSON API
  • Section to view bounced emails


  • Show recurring details on sent & draft newsletter view page
  • Minutes and months intervals for recurring newsletters
  • Change API examples to Github Gists
  • Change serialized Ajax import/export/send/queue to JSON for performance
  • Improve subscribers CSV export with fputcsv()
  • Increase database field length for many languages
  • Focus email field of “Test Email Settings” utility upon open
  • More accurate live preview while creating newsletter
  • Deprecated TinyMCE API call: <target>.onKeyDown.add(..)
  • Improvements to the spam score report output
  • TinyMCE editor improvements related to newsletters
  • Deprecated TinyMCE API call onChange.add
  • Subscriber exists improvements
  • Datepicker custom field to go further than current year
  • Add subscribe form all lists option to TinyMCE button/dialog
  • New jQuery UI theme/design
  • Autoresponder newsletter editor improvements
  • Log clicks for view online, unsubscribe and other internal URLs
  • Change get_user_meta() to get_user_option()
  • Layout improvements to manage subscriptions custom fields
  • Layout improvements for post/page newsletter subscribe forms
  • Better select drop downs throughout the plugin
  • Load proper metaboxes for content areas while creating newsletter
  • Style ReCaptcha better, it is too wide
  • Show total emails sent under Newsletters > History per newsletter
  • Apply wpautop() to newsletter content areas
  • Always use WordPress date_format and date_i18n
  • Improved history newsletter emails export format
  • Performance on create newsletter page (Ajax calls)
  • Custom fields options improvements
  • More records with “Per Page” setting in admin
  • Improve bounce accuracy
  • New WordPress 4.1 paging for all sections


  • Subscriber active/inactive status issues
  • User roles not saving upon saving draft of newsletter
  • Manage subscriptions multilingual setting not showing correctly
  • Textdomain typo in tinymce-dialog.php
  • WPML zh-hans issues with splitting
  • “None” newsletter theme/template doesn’t stick on newsletter
  • Cache on some settings under Newsletters > Configuration
  • “Management Link Text” not responding to multilingual strings
  • “Reset Transient” on cron goes in infinite loop
  • No email saved, please try again
  • Recurring/scheduled newsletter should change from draft to sent if it was sent
  • Help tooltips not working/showing everywhere in the dashboard
  • Open/closed hand cursors for drag/drop not loading
  • TinyMCE button ‘eftype’ not applying to shortcode
  • Link/click tracking not applying on content areas
  • Charts/graphs year overlap issue
  • Dollar/percentage signs break and are stripped
  • Pie chart tooltips not showing
  • Inactive subscriptions with require activate turned off
  • Custom field title field length issue with long titles
  • Quotes (single/double) breaks certain links such as tracking
  • Single quote (‘) breaks custom field options
  • Import subscribers CSV from Excel with semi-colon (;) doesn’t work
  • Single opt-in on a mailing list not working with double opt-in set in global setting
  • Unsubscribe link in “View in browser” doesn’t work
  • Setting mailing lists on field “Duplicate entry ‘0’ for key ‘PRIMARY'”
  • Content areas not showing in TEXT version newsletter
  • ‘eftype’ parameter in post(s) shortcodes is ineffective
  • Sending preview loses some selections
  • Recurring newsletter only going to lists and not roles
  • Bounced emails count wrong on email tracking information

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