Newsletters 4.5.5 Release Notes


WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.5.5 release notes


  • Remove width/height attributes on IMG tags before newsletter is rendered
  • [newsletters_bloginfo show=X] for blog name, description, url, etc.
  • New “default2”, Bootstrap theme folder, beautiful!


  • Change jQuery attr() to prop() for disabled
  • Improved usability of the styles/scripts panel for theme folders
  • Anti Spam Filters (Precedence, List-Unsubscribe)
  • Improvements to queue table locking and select
  • Change “Stop” button to “Pause” for Ajax procedures
  • Limit/restrict alerts/notices to just the sections of the Newsletter plugin in admin
  • CSS selector/scope for “default2” bootstrap theme to prevent conflicts
  • Remove some flush() calls in unnecessary places


  • Default styles/scripts not loading with new installation
  • Duplicate history/draft emails when creating newsletter
  • Posts shortcode title permalink broken/incorrect
  • From name/address change on newsletter not effective
  • Importing subscribers CSV issues
  • Attachments don’t send with preview
  • jQuery cookie called in default theme folder
  • WPML/qTranslate filter on Multiple Posts Shortcode
  • Sending preview doesn’t load newsletter content/settings again
  • New content areas not loading after sending preview
  • Ajax Subscribers Import

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