Newsletters Release Notes

WordPress Newsletter plugin release notes.


  • Security to prevent direct access to files
  • Ability to hide the database update message/notice
  • Save all existing subscribers to SubscribersOption model
  • Global CSV delimiter setting for exports
  • Checkbox custom fields for fields conditions


  • PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT upon installation through WordPress
  • High load on the server
  • Newsletter sent to admin while creating newsletter
  • Unsubscribe not working: No subscriber ID was specified
  • Latest posts shortcodes not rendering posts
  • Permissions/sections/roles reset upon plugin update
  • Textdomain is incorrectly set
  • Import requires mailing list(s) to be selected
  • Send Preview Problem
  • Roles show Array on sent/draft emails
  • Conflict with CodeStyling Localization Plugin

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