Feed Settings

Most of the feed settings are used for the iTunes special tags. It is recommended that all values are filled in to ensure that your podCast feed(s) is being read correctly as expected.

  • Website URL
    The address of the website you want users to visit in order to find out more about (or get related) content published in your podCast feed(s).
  • Subtitle
    A short sentence serving as a description or slogan for your website
  • Summary
    A summarized piece of writing describing your website and the content it has to offer.
  • podCast Image
    An absolute URL/address to the image which will be used when displaying your podCast feeds in podCast directories such as iTunes, Yahoo, etc… Please use a 300px BY 300px image which is either in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format. The default image is named “podcast.gif” and is placed inside of the “images” folder of the plugin. You can simply overwrite this if you want to.
  • Language
    The written/spoken language used in the media of your podCast feed(s). The default value used is “en-us” which indicates that the language is in US English. Please see a list of RSS language codes which are available for you to use. 
  • Copyright
    Display a copyright message to users viewing your feed(s) or content inside the feeds, notifying them that your content is protected by copyright. You can use a name/trademark and a licensed date.
  • Author Name
    The first – and last name of the person who created (or made available) the content inside of the podCast feed(s)
  • Author Email Address
    The full email address belonging to the Author Name mentioned above. Users viewing the feed(s) might want to contact the author of the content for further information or queries.
  • Explicit
    This setting indicates whether or not the content inside all of the feeds published by your website contain offensive or explicit content. This is a global default setting and will be overwritten by each individual podCast file that you add if indeed you specify an explicit state for that file. 

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