Popup 1.7 Release Notes


WordPress Popup plugin 1.7 release notes


  • Automatic updates built into plugin
  • Responsive popups for desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • New dashicon for the admin menu
  • Add custom text to the close button
  • Use proper WordPress roles/capabilities
  • Device detection to turn on/off mobile, desktop, tablet per popup
  • Quick cache and platinum popup


  • Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated
  • Use HTML inside popup shortcode link text
  • Color picker changes background of input to current color
  • Change colorpicker from Farbtastic to Iris
  • Improve styling of newsletter subscribe form in popup
  • Constant WP_DEBUG already defined
  • Only use iFrame for popup content on external link
  • Change add_object_page() to add_menu_page(), deprecated function
  • Turn off position fixed in mobile when smooth scroll is on
  • Cache plugins compatibility using fragment caching


  • Trigger from search engine not working
  • Clicking input fields, etc. while editing popup ticks/checks checkboxes/radio/etc.
  • Once per browser session popups aren’t working
  • Semi-transparent overlay overlapping the popup
  • Datepicker not working on date input fields
  • Newsletter subscribe form mailing list dropdown not showing when displaying widget
  • Popups not saving
  • Plugin not asking for serial key

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