Shopping Cart Plugin

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release notes.


  • Editing order item in admin dashboard makes user ID zero (0)
  • Zero priced tangible products problematic on shipping
  • Notice: wp_new_user_notification was called with an argument that is deprecated
  • Cyrillic/special characters causes long, garbled permalink
  • No user id’s on digital products of an order.
  • Typo on line 4272 in wp-checkout.php
  • Product image broken with special characters in title
  • Missing Glyphicons font in bootstrap theme
  • Datepicker field not working on cart, shipping and billing steps
  • Variation options inventory not working
  • Select dropdown not working
  • Virtual Merchant/Converge end of month mismatch error for recurring payments
  • From name/email not applying when using WP Mail
  • Send tangible/digital items to 2CheckOut (2CO) correctly
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
  • Phone number not showing up under invoice email
  • VM/Converge form not submitting automatically
  • Old reCAPTHCA in default theme folder
  • Can’t save a supplier on adding/editing a product
  • User id “0” on the product of some digital orders


  • BFIThumb put images into date based folders for innode limit prevention
  • Add Jersey and Guernsey as countries
  • Delete old image when uploading new one
  • wp_new_user_notification $notify parameter
  • Put “Forgotten password” link under Register tab of checkout as well
  • Fit category, product, etc. images better into grid boxes on front-end
  • Register/login form action hooks on contacts step forms
  • Change contacts step wp-login.php post to a custom function and error handling
  • Custom value can be entered on “Per Page” in admin sections
  • New FontAwesome icons throughout
  • Remove dashicons completely
  • Upgrade Bootstrap Datepicker to 1.4.1
  • Prepopulate 2CheckOut (2CO) shipping fields for Dynamic/Standard checkout
  • 2CO (2CheckOut) logo update
  • Revert USPS code enhancement


  • Shortcode to display only product price or button
  • Realex Hosted Payment Page (HPP)
  • The ability to manage “Brands” and assign products to them
  • USPS International Mail Type setting for services
  • Piraeus Bank payment gateway (extension)
  • FastWay Courier API (extension)
  • Add a description to a supplier

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