Shopping Cart Plugin 1.9

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.9 release notes.


  • Setting to make orders completed on checkout
  • SIM (Payment Form) Integration
  • Edit/delete product on front-end while logged in as admin
  • Record device (desktop, tablet, mobile) for carts and orders
  • “Pay Now” link on unpaid invoice sent to customer
  • Ability to “Pay Now” for unpaid orders in orders history for customers
  • Setting to send “Processing order…” invoice before payment, during checkout
  • Add a note/description per shipping method
  • Add a select all option on variations and options
  • Setting to only show/display one shipping method on shipping page
  • New page to separate checkout from shopping cart
  • Use Formidable Forms plugin forms on products (extension)
  • Product meta to store custom values on products
  • Order items meta to store additional keys/values on items
  • Setting to calculate shipping per product once or multiply by quantity
  • Number of decimal places for prices display
  • Setting to set the number of columns in categories grid
  • On sale products
  • Send invoice/order receipt when processing order, upon checkout
  • Aramex Shipping API (extension)
  • Supplier images in grid using [checkout_supplier display=”grid”]
  • Setting to hide out of stock products
  • Setting to turn on/off shopping cart page redirect when empty


  • Make categories not mandatory when saving a product
  • Remove items already in cart which became out of stock
  • Increment stock/inventory when order or order items are deleted/cancelled
  • Subtract stock/inventory on order completed, not only on paid
  • Ekko Lightbox upgrade to version 4.0.1
  • Ability to paste comma separated ZIP codes on shipping method (Select2)
  • Select2 support for pressing comma on tags/keywords (tokenSeparator)
  • PHP7 class constructors using __construct
  • Paragraphs on brand description
  • Prevent duplicate database indexes
  • PayPal updates
  • Auto select new categories
  • Show 1 product per row only on small devices (bootstrap)
  • Improved admin product saving page tabs and settings
  • Revamped dashboard widget in admin
  • New bar/line charts in admin
  • Handle Bootstrap tabs with Javascript
  • 5 or more products per row breaks, shows only 1 product
  • Improved empty table design in admin/dashboard sections
  • Validate serial key on as well as localhost hostname
  • Hierarchical custom post types with category name in product URL
  • Akamai URL changes
  • Allow single “exclude from global shipping product” to checkout with API shipping methods
  • Clear abandoned cart after a few days
  • Align totals to the right on invoice
  • Remove shipping, billing etc steps on account page


  • Some settings revert to defaults upon update/activation
  • Out of stock products can be added to cart in some cases
  • VAT calculates double with setting incl. tax on product display
  • Removing item with Ajax, cart total not updating correctly/immediately
  • Image overlay opens in full screen – firefox
  • Recent orders in Overview issue with Shipped column
  • Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context
  • Top notices/errors not working with Ajax off
  • Brands per page setting doesn’t work
  • Dot (.) in filename breaks image/file
  • Table already exists database error upon activation
  • Shipping tiers show incorrect preview on shipping page
  • Visual and text tabs not available when adding content areas
  • Product stock is oversold for items added to cart earlier
  • Possible XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability
  • Cart page/table not emptying when emptying widget
  • Exclude from global with additional shipping not working with APIs
  • Initial price on product page not reflecting higher minimum order
  • Changing fixed shipping price under Calculations doesn’t update
  • Missing brands view files in /default/ theme folder
  • Changed product price, reflect new price on old invoices in user accounts
  • USPS does not recognise Russia Federation as Country
  • Can’t save an image on a variation option
  • Applying coupon after adding to cart gives a popup with message “7”
  • Extra images thumbnails broken in admin
  • Some icons missing in admin
  • Table row classes missing in default theme folder (Sub total)
  • Products Per Page causes error if Empty
  • Conflict with Nextgen Gallery
  • Select2 drop down width conflict with NextGen Gallery
  • Some database tables don’t create due to indexes problems

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