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authnet-sim-logo SIM (Server Integrated Method) is integrated in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

The SIM payment method will allow you to accept payments from all debit/credit cards. This payment method will redirect your clients to a secure website page on to complete payment.

Configure SIM

To use SIM with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you’ll need an SIM account. You can get a free developers account on this link.


Configure the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

Once your account has been activated, you can login and go to Account > Settings and under ‘Security Settings’ you’ll click on API login ID and Transaction Key where you’ll find your Login ID and Transaction Key to fill into the plugin configuration settings under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods – (SIM)


Results of WordPress with (SIM)

With that done, you are ready to start adding products and proceed with checkout. When you get to the page where you are asked for a credit card number, expiry date and CVV, you can use the American Express credit card number 370000000000002 (or any of the test card in this link), any date in the future for the expiry and any 3 numbers for the CVV.


That’s it, your shopping cart can now process SIM payments and complete orders successfully.

Payment Processors

The merchant’s payment processor determines the card types and currencies that the merchant can support.

Some supported payment processors:

  • Elavon
  • EVO Payments
  • First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) Omaha, Nashville, and EFSNet
  • Global Payments
  • AIB Merchant Services
  • Barclaycard


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