Shopping Cart Plugin 1.9.1

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.9.1 release notes.


  • Default sort order for products in categories, brands and suppliers on front-end
  • Products bulk action, tax is/is not included in price


  • Improvements to invoices (Responsive, RTL/LTR, etc)
  • mysql_real_escape_string is deprecated, replace function
  • Product page permalink improvements to include parent and child categories in URL
  • Show “Order Options” in the cart summary
  • Style “In Honor Of” beneficiary fields for Bootstrap theme folder
  • Compatibility with outdated php versions
  • Allow longer custom field titles


  • Product shortcode in product or content area breaks main product add to cart
  • Stock/inventory is double deducted with some payment methods/gateways
  • Prices on variation options not calculated when checkout
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding()
  • Broken HTML in “Save a Product” page in admin
  • Handling on shipping method calculates on non-tangible products
  • Tax included in price setting calculating incorrectly
  • Cannot redeclare class Mobile_Detect
  • “Tax is included in the product price” calculate tax on price tiers per product
  • Saving order of products in category desc, return asc value
  • Products with the same titles redirect to one another
  • Option object (and others) conflicting with Shopping Cart plugin
  • Saving a product as page, automatically adds a parent page to the product page
  • Editing order in admin removes tax line from invoice
  • Pagination doesn’t work with Filter
  • Start Checkout button goes to Account History
  • “Continue Shopping” link not working on empty cart

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