Checkout – Style with Bootstrap

Style the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with Bootstrap.

The Shopping Cart plugin uses the Bootstrap framework. See Bootstrap here: Bootstrap.

It first loads bootstrap.css and then its own style.css


The best way to make CSS changes is by adding styles into style.css to override that of Bootstrap in the bootstrap.css. Since style.css is loaded after bootstrap.css, the styles you specify in style.css will override it.


Example of styling the buttons


To style a button, for example, right-click on the button in the browser and inspect it. You’ll see that it uses btn btn-primary from Bootstrap on the products loop/list. So, in your style.css file, create a class to override the btn and btn-primary class of Bootstrap. Prepend each class with .checkout, e.g., .checkout .btn and .checkout .btn-primary

To make the button corners rounder, make the button pink with black text, and red with white text on hover, use this CSS:


and then hovering your mouse over the button will make it red as shown in the screenshot above.


Child Theme Folder

Use a child theme folder. You can create a /checkout/  folder inside the folder of your WordPress theme and put a style.css there to serve as the default style.css

Learn more about adding your files with changes to a child theme folder.

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