Checkout: (SIM) SIM payment gateway. SIM

The WordPress Shopping Cart plugin together with the SIM payment gateway will allow you to accept payments from customers/clients by sending them to a secure, hosted payment page provided by

You don’t need an SSL certificate specifically and the payment page is secured and provided by

1. Configure

To use with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you’ll need an account.

For testing purposes, you can open a free, test account to try it out before you make your shop live. You can apply here.

1.1. Get API Login ID and Transaction Key

In your account, go to Account > API Credentials & Keys where you can get your API Login ID and Transaction Key. You’ll need to copy/save these two values since you’ll be filling it into the plugin’s settings later on below. SIM api login id and transaction key

1.2. The Response URL

You need to configure a response URL in your panel. Go to Account > Response/Receipt URLs.

Then click “Edit” next to the response URL so that you can insert your response URL. SIM response URL

The URL is the shopping cart page created by the Shopping Cart plugin with ?wpcomethod=coreturn&type=authorize_sim appended to it.

If your shopping cart page URL is the resulting URL will be

Click “Submit” to update it and save the response URL then you’re done.

2. Configure the Shopping Cart plugin

You can now go ahead and configure the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin with SIM.

Go to Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods > (SIM). SIM settings

1. Title/Caption

Fill in any string here which will be displayed on the billing step, invoices and more.

2. API Login ID

Fill in the API login ID you saved from step 1.1 above.

3. Transaction Key

Fill in the transaction key you saved from step 1.1 above.

4. Test Mode

Set the test mode to Yes if you are using an sandbox account.

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