Shopping Cart plugin 1.9.3 Release Notes


WordPress Shopping Cart plugin 1.9.3 release notes.


  • PHP7 compatibility
  • Expand/collapse for all boxes under settings sections
  • Paymentsense payment gateway (extension)
  • New Realex Payments Hosted Payment Page (HPP) payment method
  • Add brand while creating/editing a product
  • Setting to hide variation options in cart


  • PDF invoice font styling improvements
  • Font Awesome update to 5.0.6
  • Remove the word “donate” from error messages of variable products
  • Change custom truncate function to wp_trim_words()
  • Replace Uploadify with a new front-end file upload custom field procedure enhancement


  • Tax exempt products break tax calculation during checkout
  • Variable price doesn’t accept cents/decimal
  • Multiple, duplicate order receipt emails sent
  • TinyMCE dialog styling gone since 4.8
  • Affiliate link/button doesn’t work in Firefox
  • JavaScript cookies don’t work on caching proxy
  • Buttons in admin sections displaying below one another
  • PDF invoice logo very small
  • Custom/manual payment method not showing
  • Fix bootstrap css on widget-prices for mobile devices
  • Invoice PDF filesize large bug

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