General Configuration

General configuration values for your WordPress shopping cart plugin.

  • Shop URL
    Any URL (page, post, category, etc…) on the current WordPress blog. This URL is used for redirects, data posting and other functionality. Ensure that this URL is on the same installation.
  • Currency
    The currency of your online store. All amounts on both the front- and back-end will be presented with the specified currency symbol.
  • Create WordPress posts/pages
    Turn WordPress post/page creation on or off. When this feature is turned on, WordPress posts/pages (based on configuration value below) is created (and updated) for each shop category and product which is saved to the database.
  • Post Type
    With the configuration value above turned on, this specifies whether a WordPress post or a page should be created. The recommended value is “Page” since it creates a more usable and accessible structure for your shop which can then easily be used in a sidebar widget.
  • Pages Parent
    By default, when no parent is specified, posts/pages for shop categories and products will be created as top level posts/pages. Alternatively, you may change this value to any of your existent WordPress pages presented in the select drop down menu in order to have your posts/pages created as children of this specific page.

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