Shopping Cart

Control the way that your shopping cart functionality works and looks

  • Cart Layout
    The layout of the actual shopping cart. When you specify “Blank Layout”, the built in layout will be displayed which is separate from your current WordPress theme. Alternatively, you may specify “WordPress Page” which will automatically create a WordPress page as a child of the “Pages Parent” configuration setting and display the shopping cart within this page in your current WordPress theme.
  • Add to cart Ajax
    In order to use this feature, you will need to place the shopping cart widget in your sidebar by going to “Design” > “Widgets” in your WordPress dashboard. When this feature is turned off or a widget is not available (and this feature is turned on), a normal page refresh will take place, otherwise the widget will be refreshed using Ajax technology.
  • Continue Shopping Link
    When this feature is turned on, a “Continue Shopping” link is displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart page, allowing users to return to the “Shop URL” configuration setting value in order to continue their shopping experience before finalizing their order. 

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