Checkout: Ogone (Basic)

Ogone Configuration

  • First thing to check in your Ogone account is that the currency which you are using with the Checkout plugin has been activated for use. Go to Account > Currencies in Ogone where you can manage your currencies and add your preferred currency if it is not already active.
  • Set your referrer URL under Technical Information > Data and Origin Verification. This URL should be the same value as your Shop URL setting value in the Checkout plugin. Just using your WordPress home URL should work as well.
  • Choose and fill in your preferred SHA-1-IN signature string into your Ogone account under Technical Information > Data and Origin Verification. Remember/save this signature string as you’ll need it later on.
  • Under Technical Information > Transaction Feedback, tick/check the checkbox with the label “I want to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs” as it instructs Ogone to post order data back to the plugin. You can leave the Accept-, Decline-, Exception- and Cancelurl values empty because the plugin will set these for you when it communicates with Ogone.
  • Also under Technical Information > Transaction Feedback, set your SHA-1-OUT signature string of your choice. This can be the same as the SHA-1-IN signature value or something different. Remember/save this once again since you’ll need it when doing the plugin configuration.

Checkout Plugin Configuration

Ogone configuration settings for the Checkout plugin can be found under Checkout > Configuration in your WordPress dashboard. Go to the Ogone (Basic e-Commerce) configuration box.

  • First fill in your PSPID which was provided to you by Ogone. This is  your Ogone account username.
  • The SHA-1-IN signature string which you saved in your Ogone account earlier needs to be filled into the Checkout configuration.
  • Same with the SHA-1-OUT signature string. Take it exactly as you saved it in your Ogone account earlier and fill it into the plugin configuration setting.
  • Set the Mode to either testing or production. If you are doing test transactions, turn on Test mode. Remember to switch to Production mode when you are ready to receive live orders in your shop.

Troubleshooting Ogone

unknown order/0/s

You are not sending the SHA-1 signature through from the plugin to Ogone. Please check your Ogone configuration settings in the Shopping Cart plugin and ensure that you filled in a SHA-1 signature.

unknown order/1/s/

There is a passphrases missmatch with the SHA-1 signature. Ensure that the SHA-1 signature configured in the Ogone merchant account is the same as the one filled into the Shopping Cart plugin settings.

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