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The eWAY (Shared) payment method is integrated into the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and redirects your customers to a secure eWAY payment page where they fill in their credit card details and finalize their payment with eWAY before returning back to your merchant website where their transaction results will be shown.

Configure the Plugin

To configure your WordPress Shopping Cart plugin to work with eWAY , go to the Checkout > Configuration section in your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the ‘eWAY (Shared)’ settings box where you will see the eWay configuration settings for the shared payment method. The following settings are available.


Set this to a value that you want to display on your billing page to your customers. If you have more than one payment method active for your shop, multiple payment methods will be presented to  your customers to choose from before they make a payment. By default, this value is ‘eWAY Credit Card’.

Customer ID

This is your eWAY customer/merchant ID which is provided to your by eWAY . Fill your customer ID into this field to start accepting payments on a specific eWay merchant account. For testing purposes, you may use the customer ID 87654321 which is the default value provided with the plugin installation.

Invoice Description

The invoice description is passed through to eWAY and they will print this on their invoice to the customer as the order description.

Testing eWAY with the Plugin

To test the eWAY payment gateway with the Shopping Cart plugin, you may use the customer ID 87654321 inside Checkout > Configuration in the ‘eWAY (Shared)’ settings box. Additionally, when you get to the secure eWay payment page after leaving your merchant site, use the credit card number 4444333322221111 with any name and any date in the future.

Set the transaction amount to whole dollars if you want the transaction to succeed (e.g., $10.00) or to dollars and cents if you want it to fail (e.g., $10.67)

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