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WordPress Shopping Cart plugin configuration settings.


ConfigurationThe Configuration of the plugin is where you set-up everything. From configuring the invoice, changing thumbnails sizes, setting up payment methods and so on, it is all done from here. For your convenience, the configuration has been split up into tabs as seen at the top of this post. This makes it easy to find the setting you want by looking in the relevant tab. Above a links named the same as the tabs in the screen, in these links are more links which explain every section of the Shopping Cart.

Other Actions

Save_Settings_ConfigUpdate all Shop Post/Pages link will update all Posts and Pages related to the Shopping Cart plugin.

Check/Optimize Database link will check and optimize database tables.

Reset to Defaults link will reset your Shopping Cart plugin configuration settings back to what they initially were on first install. You will not lose any data but your SETTINGS WILL BE RESET

Turn on debugging  If you experience any blank screens or issues with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, you can turn on the debugging in the plugin to investigate further. Turning on the debugging will enable PHP and database errors. Mainly, PHP fatal errors and warnings are displayed which will hopefully help you to identify the problem.

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