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1. Merchant/Admin Email

This is the Merchant email that will be sent through to the payment gateway. It may not be the same as your site email. For example if your site email is and you have used a different email for billing such as then you should use the “billing” email address. You may use comma separated email addresses for multiple recipients e.g.,,,

2. Shop URL

Any URL (page, post, category, etc.) on the current WordPress blog. This URL is used for redirects, data posting and other functionality. Ensure that this URL is on the same installation.

3. Target Markets

This allows you to select multiple Target Markets from a list of check boxes. Used for restricting your shop sales to certain, selected countries.

4. Currency

This is the currency of your online store This by default is set to “$ – US Dollars“. If you sell using a different currency then use the dropdown menu to select the appropriate currency. All amounts on both the front- and back-end will be presented with the specified currency symbol.

5. Currency Symbol Position

This allows you to select whether the currency symbol will appear in front of the amount ($5.00) or behind the amount (5.00$). By default it is set to “Before“. Click on the unselected radio button to change it.

6. Decimal Separator

The default is set to “.” (period). You can change this to another symbol such as a “,” or any other single character to differentiate the decimal (cents, pence) etc for your pricing which is displayed to customers.

It is important that you still use “.” (period) in the back-end when saving products and prices in all sections.

7. Decimal Number

Set the number of digits that you want to display after the decimal separator.

8. Thousands Separator

Thousands separator to use for pricing display.

9. Export Delimiter

Set delimiter (comma, semi-colon, etc) for CSV exports globally.

10. Showcase Website

By default this is turned off i.e. set to “No”. If you do not want prices to appear next to a product and you are not selling online then changing this setting will deactivate price related functions and the “Add to Basket” functionality.

11. Global Showcase Message

If you have put your site into showcase mode, then the text entered into this field will be displayed to customers when they go to a product page. This message will be displayed as opposed to a “Add to Basket” button or similar.

12. TinyMCE Button

By default this is turned on i.e. set to “Yes” This extends the WordPress Editor to allow the user to insert Shopping Cart values when editing a post/page i.e., a shortcode. The global setting for this is “Yes”.

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