Checkout Config: Shopping Cart

Checkout > Configuration > Shopping Cart


1. Add to Cart Ajax

This is set to “Yes” by default and is the recommended setting. It makes the browsing experience quicker and easier for your customer as there is no page refreshing when adding items to the cart. This means they can quickly and easily add multiple items to their cart without the page reloading or redirecting at anytime.

2. Order Summary Popup

It gives users a summary popup of the cart/orders when a product is added to the cart.

3. Show on Error

Set this to show the order summary popup when there is an error. It will show error message and current products in the cart.

4. Scroll to Widget

This is set to “On” by default, with this setting activated the page will automatically scroll to the widget when an item is added to the cart. This gives visual confirmation as a “Product Added” message is visible in the widget and you can see the price change.

For people who prefer the list view over the grid view, this setting may be annoying as you have to scroll down the product list back to your place again every time an item is added. If you find this functionality a hassle, simply turn it “Off“.

5. Top Notices/Errors


Turn top notices/errors on or off. It gives users a notice on the top of your browser of the order or errors if any.

6. Show Quantity Boxes

Uncheck this checkbox if you don’t want to display the quantity field of products on the shopping cart step.

7. Continue Shopping Link

This is set to “Yes” by default and is the recommended setting. When set to “Yes” the Shop URL will be used when the customer selects to continue shopping. i.e. they will be taken back to the shop, not the home page.

8. Redirect on empty

Select this checkbox if you want customers to be redirected to your shop url with an empty cart.

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