Checkout Config: Checkout Configuration


Checkout > Configuration > Checkout Configuration


1. Completed on Checkout

Mark this checkbox if you want to mark orders as completed upon checkout. Customers can then pay or pay from orders history later or when needed.

2. SSL (https://)

By default this option is not available to configure as it requires the installation of the One Click SSL extension plugin. Once installed and activated you have the ability to set this to “On” which will run your shopping cart process in https:// mode (securely). Read here for more details.

3. Order Summary

Show a table with a summary of the current order during checkout.

4. Enable Buy Now Feature

This is set to ‘No‘ by default. Turning on the “Buy Now Feature” will redirect the customer straight to the checkout gateway for each product they wish to purchase. It simply skips out the Cart/Basket functionality. Customers will not be able to add to basket and continue shopping, they will be taken straight to first step of the checkout procedure should they click the ‘Buy‘ button.

5. Buy Now Payment Method

The Buy Now feature works with all available payment methods.

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