Checkout Config: Supplier Settings

Checkout > Configuration > Supplier Settings


1. Supplier Image Display

This is set to “Thumbnail Image” by default. This setting determines how the uploaded supplier image will display on the supplier post/page. The other available option is “Full/Original Image” – in this case, make sure the image dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of your site width of display issues will arise.

2. Create WP Posts/Pages

Setting this option to “Yes” means that each supplier added to your shop will get a new post/page on your site. This post/page is where the supplier image and their products can be seen.

3. Hide Suppliers from Customers

This determines whether suppliers are shown i your shop at any point. Choosing to hide them (setting to “Yes“) means that they will not be listed on any shop posts/pages.

4. Supplier Login

If this option is set to “Yes” it gives suppliers the ability to login. This will require you to specify and user name and password when creating the supplier account. Suppliers that login have the ability to add and edit products (they are not able to edit products that weren’t added by them)

5. Category Add/Delete

Similar to adding and editing products, setting this option to “Yes” means that suppliers will be able to add and edit their own shop categories on your site.

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