Checkout Config: Email Configuration

Checkout > Configuration > Email Configuration


From Email

Here you will type in the email you will use to send emails from. This takes on the WordPress admin email by default.

From Name

In this field you can specify the From Name that appears on the emails that are sent by the Shopping Cart plugin. This takes on the name of the site by default.

Mail Type

This is set to “WP Mail” by default which uses the WordPress Mail function. This is how checkout will send notification emails to customers. It is recommended that the default setting be used unless your ISP provider advises otherwise. The alternative is SMTP.

Test Email Settings

Clicking this button will open a pop-up in which you can specify an email to use to test the currently configured email settings (options number 1 to 7 above). This is just to make sure that everything has been configured correctly and emails are going out as intended. The pop-up is seen below


Once you enter your email address to send the test email to click the “Send Test Email” button. If your details are correct you will get a red message in this pop-up stating “Email was successfully sent, your settings are working!“. To confirm you can check the inbox of the specified email address to see the test email. If your settings are not correct you will give a different red message with the relevant details as to why the email failed. You can then act on this to fix the settings.

Styled Template

Check the styled template checkbox to include a default newsletter template in your checkout emails.

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