Save a Category

In the “Categories” section of the plugin, you can create a new shop category by clicking on the “add new” link or alternatively, you may edit an existing shop category in the database.

When you save a category, you are presented with a set of fields which need to be filled in. Below are each of these fields with a description.


The title/name of the shop category


The description of the category, explaining what type of products it holds.


Keywords, phrases related to this category. Use these wisely and they will definitely help your search engine optimization. They are also displayed on category pages on the front end.

Parent Category

The parent of the category you are saving. If you leave this blank, the category will be saved as a top-level shop category.

WordPress Categories

A list of checkboxes with all your current WordPress categories. These are used when creating the WordPress post/page if the “Create WordPress posts/pages” in the “Settings” section of the plugin is turned on.

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