Save a Product

In the “Products” section of the plugin, you can manage all your current products in the database. Additionally, you can create a new product by clicking on the “add new” link or alternatively edit any of your existing products.

When you save a product, you will need to specify the category of the product. The product will be assigned to the category and therefore belong to the category. In case you have the “Create WordPress posts/pages” configuration setting turned on in the “Settings” section of the plugin, a WordPress post/page will be created for the product, assigning it as a child post/page to the post/page of the category selected.

Creating (or editing) a product requires several fields. Below is a list of all the fields, together with a detailed description of what each field’s purpose is.


The name/title of the product. This value will also be used for the WordPress post/page which will be created/updated in case you have the “Create WordPress posts/pages” setting turned on in the “Settings” section.


A file field which allows you to upload an image for your product. JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc… image formats are supported. Both a thumbnail image (based on your thumbnail dimensions configuration setting in the “Settings” section) and a small (50px BY 50px) will be automatically generated according to the given proportions. Ensure that the width and height of this image is larger than the “Thumbnail Dimensions” configuration setting under the “Product Settings” tab of the “Settings” section.


Categorize the product under one of your current shop categories in the WordPress shopping cart plugin database. On the post/page of this category, this product will be displayed in the loop, together with the other products in this category. In case you have the “Create WordPress posts/pages” configuration setting turned on, the WordPress post/page created for this product will be a child of this category post/page.

Price Type

The type of price applied to this product. “Fixed Price” and “Price Tiers” are available. The first mentioned will give the product a fixed price which will not change at any time. Price tiers provide users/customers with discounted prices for this product based on unit count you can specify.

Fixed Price

In case “Fixed Price” was specified for the field above, you will need to fill in a decimal price for this product. Only a numeric value is allowed for this field, so please do not fill in a currency symbol.

Price Tiers

In case “Price Tiers” was specified for the “Price Type” field, you will need to configure the pricing tiers for this product. You have the ability to add unlimited pricing tiers.

Each tier consists of a minimum unit count, maximum unit count and a price. The price of each tier is the price which the customer will pay for each unit of the product in case the total unit count for the specified product for a single order is between the minimum price and maximum price or equal to both.

Please ensure that the minimum value of the first tier is equal to either 1 or the value of the “Minimum Order” field (if not empty or zero). The maximum value of the last tier will automatically be considered as inifinite.

Product Type

Set this product to “Digital” in case you need to assign/attach downloadable files to this product. In case this is not a digital product but rather a physical product which needs to be shipped, please specify “Tangible” for this product.

Minimum Order

Leave this field empty or set it to 0 if this product has no minimum order value. In case you specify a minimum order value other than 0, users will not be allowed to order less than this number of this specific product for a single order. The plugin will automatically monitor and adjust unit count for this product in order to ensure that the minimum order value is obeyed.


Describe the product and provide users/customers with useful information regarding the specific product. There is no character limit for this description field and you may use HTML code such as images, links, formatting etc… if you want to.


A comma separated list of keywords or phrases relevant to this product. These keywords/phrases will help with search engine optimization and searches.


In case you have created styles in the “Styles” section of the plugin and assigned style options to your styles in the “Options” section of the plugin, a checkbox list of all the available styles will be displayed here. When you tick off a style, a new block will flip open, displaying the style options assigned to this style so that you may tick off the style options which you would like to use for this product.

WordPress Categories

In case you have the “Create WordPress posts/pages” configuration setting turned on in the “Settings” section of the plugin, the selected WordPress categories will be used when creating the Worpress post/page for this product.

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