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1. Change Category

Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save a Category’ where you can edit the product category for your shop. Changes to the Category will show up on the ‘View Category’ screen after they the title is edited. For other Changes you will need to use the ‘View Front’

2. Delete a Category

Clicking this option will delete a category. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Associated Products are note deleted. Their categories is reset to none.

3. Bulk Actions

These bulk actions allow you to select multiple Category records from the table using the check boxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records. The bulk actions currently available are ‘Delete’ which will permanently remove the selected Category records in the table, ‘Items in the Inventory…’ which will allow you to change the vale, ‘Set Supplier’ which allows you to change the supplier, ‘Add Style’ which will append a new style, ‘Set Style’ which will overwrite the existing styles, ‘Add Categories’ which will overwrite the existing Category a product is associated with, ‘Set Categories’ which will overwrite a products existing category with a new one, ‘Change Type to Digital/Tangible’ which will change the product type, ‘Price increas’ and ‘Price Decrease’ which will allow you to change the price and ‘Clear Retail/Suggested Price.

4. Per Page

This is a quick way of choosing how many Products/records to show per page. The drop down has several values. it to choose from. When the total number of Products associated with the selected Category, if the database exceeds this per page number chosen, you will notice page numbers appearing above and below the table to the right.

5. Fields

This is a summary of the Category’s details and shows The Title of the Category, how many products are associated with the product, The WordPress Page (Clicking it will take you to a view of the Category Page), The date the category was last modified and the date that it was created.

6. Product Row Actions

Products are the number of products belonging to a category page. When you hover a Product row, action links will appear below it which are applicable to the row that you are hovering. The links include ‘Edit’ which allows you to edit the Product, ‘Delete’ which will remove the Delete permanently and ‘View’ which will show you detailed information of the Product and ‘View on Front’ which will show you how the Product will be seen on the site by the user.

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