Checkout: Save a Variation

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1. Title

This title/name will be shown throughout the shop to both yourself as administrator and to the customers viewing the front of your shop. Choose this title carefully in order for it to be understandable by your customers viewing your products. Keep the title below 150 characters.

2. Caption/Descrition

Simply add a small message/caption/descrition to the variation you create. Say you made a variation called ‘Size’ your caption could be ‘size is in inches’ or something similar.

3. Field Type

Sets the way that the variation options are displayed on the shop front. You can select between ‘Select Drop Down’, ‘Radio Buttons’ and ‘Checkboxes List’. The last mentioned (Checkboxes List) can be used if you want to allow multiple options to be selected for a product variation.

4. Save Variation

When you are done filling in the Title and you have selected the Field Type you may save the product variation. If you made a mistake, don’t sweat it, you can always return and edit the variation.

What’s Next?

Once you have created your product variation, you may go to Checkout > Variation Options and add options to your variations for your customers to choose from.

Attaching product variations and their options to products can be done when editing a product or with the bulk action ‘Set Variations…’ or ‘Assign Variations…’ in the Checkout > Products section.

1) This is the variation that you create in Checkout > Product Variations > Save a Variation

2) These are the variation options that you create in Checkout > Variation Option > Save an Option

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