Attach File to Product

In order to attach a downloadable file to a product, go to the “Files” section of the plugin and click on the “add new” link at the top. Or alternatively you can edit an existing digital download by clicking on its title/link in the “Files” section of the WordPress shopping cart plugin.

Save a Digital Download

You will now be presented with a form consisting of 4 input fields. Please fill in these 4 fields and hit the “Save File” button to finalize the downloadable file for the specified product and save it to the database.

Save Product File(s)
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Specify the title of the file. This value is for both identification for yourself in the administration panel and the users/customers whom will be visiting the downloads management section on your site. When users download this file, the filename will be this title, sanitized (converted to lowercase and all characters except for numbers and alphabet letters stripped and replaced with dashes).


Select the product to which this file will be assigned/attached to. Only products with “Digital” product type will be displayed in this select drop down menu. When a user/customer purchases this product on your website, they will immediately gain access to this file and all other files assigned to this product.


You have to choose what type of digital download you want to save. The two available options include “File Upload” and “Download Link/URL”. Upon clicking the radio button of the first mentioned option, you will be presented with an HTML file field with a browse button which allows you to select a file directly from your computer. The second option will present you with a text input field where you can fill in a download link/URL which will be a valid web address of the location of the file.

Choose File

The actual file which will be assigned. Click on the “Choose…” (Safari, OmniWeb, etc…) or “Browse…” (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc…) button to browse for the file on your local computer.

File URL

Fill in a valid link/URL to the address/location of the file which will be downloaded by customers who bought the product to which the file was assigned when it was saved.

How Do Customers Download?

When a customer purchases the product to which you assign the file and pays for the product in full, the digital download will be available in the downloads management section of the plugin on the front-end.

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