Checkout: Manage Content

By going to ‘Checkout’ > ‘Product Content’ in your dashboard you will be taken to the product content management screen which you can manage all your current contents.

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1. Create new content

To start adding product content, click the ‘Add New’ button at the top to be taken to the ‘Save Content’ screen where you can create a product content.

2. Bulk Actions

This drop down select menu executes a bulk action on multiple product contents by ticking/checking them, then selecting the action to execute and then clicking the ‘Apply’ button.

Bulk actions include ‘Delete’ and ‘Assign to Product…’. The ‘Delete’ action will permanently remove the selected product contents from the table. The ‘Assign to Product…’ action – when selected – will display another select drop down with all your products to change the product of multiple product contents at the same time.

3. Search Contents

With the search function you can quickly find product content with a string matched in the title or description. Just type in a word/phrase and click ‘Search Contents’.

4. Product

The product to which the product content belongs. Each product belongs to a specific product and will be displayed in a tab on that product’s page.

5. Content Title

The title of the product content.

6. Last modified date

The date when the product content was last modified.

7. Contents Per Page

Change the number of product content records to display in the table per page. When the total number of product content records in the database exceeds this value you will notice paging numbers appearing above and below the table to the right to flip pages.

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