WordPress Shopping Cart v1.4.8 release notes


WordPress Shopping Cart v1.4.8 release notes.


  • Google Checkout (HTML API) payment gateway.
  • Default shipping method for tiers to calculate shipping immediately.
  • Zero price text settings for loop and product pages.
  • Setting to show product description above or below ‘Add to Basket’ and fields.
  • Ability to link loop thumbnails either to the product page or the larger image.
  • A setting to show custom fields and product variations inside the loop. Only for list view.
  • Ajax price update as product custom fields and variations are changed/updated.
  • Bulk product price increase/decrease by fixed amount or percentage.


  • Products grid fix in IE6 & 7
  • Categories grid fix in IE6 & 7
  • Strip slashes in ‘Shipping Methods’ section to remove slashes for special characters.
  • Product price tiers. The first tier was thrown out.
  • PayPal surcharge didn’t work with discount coupons enabled.


  • When a product has price tiers, it shows “From $X.XX” to prevent misleading prices.
  • Settings/options are now loaded once when the plugin is activated and they are not checked on each page load anymore. Performance increase.
  • ‘Add to cart Ajax’ setting will now work without the shopping cart widget active.


  • ‘Configuration’ menu item now moved to the top, below ‘Overview’.
  • ‘Styles’ is now called ‘Variations’ and ‘Style Options’ is now called ‘Variation Options’.
  • Realex payments hashing method has been changed to MD5 for compatibility.

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