Checkout: Save a Supplier

Checkout > Suppliers > Save Supplier


1. Name

This is the name of the Supplier. Try to keep names to 150 characters and try and avoid abbreviations so that you do not create duplicate entries of the same supplier.

2. Description

Add a description for your supplier

3. Create Login Account

You can create an account for your supplier. This creates a WordPress Supplier account for them. It allows a supplier to login and manage its own products (only) in the Products section. It also allows admin to give suppliers permissions to specific sections under Checkout > Configuration with the Supplier role.

3a. Username

This is the username given to your supplier’s WordPress account. This can be the same but must not be mistaken for ‘1. Name’

3b. Email Adress

All WordPress accounts need an email address. This is the email that must be registered for the supplier.

3c. Auto Approve

Choose to auto approve new products created by the supplier or review products and approve them manually.

4. Supplier Logo

The Supplier logo is set to ‘No’ by default but the option does exist for you to upload a supplier logo. If you select ‘Yes’ the the image file open will be visible.


5. Image File

This allows you to upload an image file from your computer. This option is not visible if ‘Supplier Logo’ is set to ‘No’. Click the browse button to activate the upload window.

6. Order Notification

This is set to ‘No’ by default. This option allows you to send and order notification to your suppliers when an order is processed with the items that were purchased.

7. Email Address

This is the email address of your supplier and will be used to send order notifications. This option only appears on the screen if ‘Order Notification’ is set to ‘Yes’.

8. Post/Page

Do you want to create a post/page for this supplier. If you don’t want a post/page for the supplier, click Yes, delete. If you do want a post/page for the supplier click, No, don’t delete.

9. Saving

When you are done filling in the Name, uploading and image (if you choose to),  etc  and you are satisfied with the details you have entered, click the save button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to make changes or have made a mistake you can always come back later and make alterations.

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