Checkout: Custom Fields

Custom_fieldsCustom Fields is a distinctive and very flexible feature of the WordPress Shopping Cart.

Custom Fields allows you to define different types of additional fields that can capture user input from products and the shopping cart as a whole.

The applications are endless and is only limited by your needs and imagination. For example if you were printing T-Shirts  you could create fields that said “Front Text”, “Back Text” as textboxes, or radio buttons that gave the user the option to “Gift Wrap” or a select drop down menu for sizes “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”.

Custom fields can be required or optional and can include an additional charge. For example if you wanted to charge additional cost for printing or engraving.

At the moment the following field types are supported: Text Input, Text Area, Checkbox list, Dropdown List, Radio Buttons. The checkboxes, dropdown list and radio buttons take multiple options that a user can choose from.

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