Checkout: Manage Orders

The Manage Orders screen gives you an overview of your orders when you can see information on the orders, you can filter between orders and you can edit/add orders from this page as well. To see your orders section you must go to Checkout > Orders from the menu item at the bottom left of your admin panel.


1. Add New Order

Clicking this button will take you to ‘Save an Order’ where you can create a new Order. A  New Orders added will show up on this ‘Manage Orders’ screen after they are added.

2. Run Cleanup

Abandoned carts/orders will be cleaned out when you run this cleanup. It will keep your orders section of the plugin clean.

3. Search Orders

Quickly search the database for Orders by typing a word or phrase and then clicking the ‘Search Orders’ button.

4. Filters

Filters are used to narrow down a list. Applying a filter for any of the criteria below will only show relevant results matching the criteria.

  • Status (Completed or Not Completed)
  • Payment method (shows a list of payment methods)
  • Shipping Method (shows a list of shipping methods)
  • Variations (shows a list of variation and options)
  • Product (Search for a product)
  • Date Range (Select Date from to)
  • Devices – filter by Mobile, desktop and tablet device

To use the order listing filters simply select the relevant criteria, optionally also select the date range, and then click the ‘Filter Orders’ button.

5. Export All

Clicking this button will export all orders to a CSV file with all order fields, products/items purchased with their variations and custom fields and also global order options/custom fields. From there, the orders can be imported into other software as and when needed.

6. Bulk Actions

Bulk actions allow you to select multiple Order records from the table using the checkboxes and then apply a bulk action on the selected records.The bulk actions currently available are ‘Delete’ which will permanently remove the selected Orders records in the table, Markas Paid/Not Paid and Mark as Shipped/Not shipped and Mark as Completed/Not Completed.

7. Customer and Product Details

In this table you will see the customer and order details of an order.

8. Send Message

Send a message to the billing email address of this order. You can send as many messages (order notifications) to your customer by order. A dialogue editor will open to send your message if you click the “Send Message” link per order.


These messages will show in a log per order. Checkout>Orders-View Order


9. Device

It show the recorded device on the order. It will show either desktop, mobile or tablet.

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