Checkout: Save a Shipping Method

Checkout > Shipping Methods > Save a Shipping Method


1. Name

This title/name will be shown throughout the shop to both yourself as administrator and to the customers viewing the front of your shop. Choose this title carefully in order for it to be understandable by your customers viewing your products. Keep the title below 150 characters.

2.  Notes/Description

Add a note/description to show per shipping method on checkout.


3.  Fixed Price

This is the amount that will be added for this particular shipping method when fixed shipping prices are used. You can go to Checkout > Configuration > Calculations – Global Shipping Configuration to change the shipping type (fixed or tiers) and also change the values according to your needs.

4. Surcharge / Handling

You can add an additional surcharge, handling or insurance fee per shipping method. You can globally set a surcharge / handling fee under Checkout > Configuration > Calculations – Handling & Surcharge

5. Status

When creating or editing a Shipping Method you may want to set it as inactive for what ever reasons you may have. Instead of deleting the shipping method you can just set it to inactive. Basically what this does is stop the shipping method from appearing on the front-end of your site (so the customer won’t be able to see it)

6. Countries

Here you can choose to which countries the shipping method should be available.

7. Zip Codes

This is optional, leave empty for all zip codes or choose zip codes to which the shipping method should be available.

8. Use API

This is set to ‘No’ by default. Select the appropriate API for your shipping provider. If not in the list, choose NO. You wil notice that as you choose an API related fields become available, the fields shown change from API to API so pay attention to what you have selected else none of the information will be valid.

9. Weight

Specify a minimum and maximum weight per shipping method. The shipping method will only be available if the weight on the order is in range with specified min and max weight. (It’s optional, leave this field open, if you want this shipping method to be available for all weights)

10. Saving

When you are done filling in the Name, Fixed Price etc and you are satisfied with the details you have entered, click the save button at the bottom of the screen. If you want to make changes or have made a mistake you can always come back later and make alterations

What’s next?

Once you have created a shipping method you can continue to add more methods. Use Manage Shipping methods to keep track of your progress. Remember to configure your global shipping charge under Checkout > Configuration > Calculations – Global Shipping Configuration to take control of all global shipping in your shop.

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